JAF (aka Jason Friendt). Growing up as a young gay man in the suburbs of St. Paul Minnesota, JAF documented many misfortunes in life via coloring, drawing and painting with silly paint kits bought by his mother.

But due to the dark content of the material, JAF always hid and disposed of most anything that would have raised questions. This was the beginning of his fear to share anything creative with anyone. 


After breaking the chains of self doubt, religious abuse, and truly reconnecting with his creative self. He started to create heavily in 2003 after relocating to Seattle, with Polaroids and paint. It quickly escalated to photography, painting and mixed media.


This is the start of a creative journey, that's unfurling itself in a backwards motion. 

JAF lives & works in Seattle/Bellingham, WA.


6.17.18- Solo Show ++Forgive Me Father For I have Sinned++ at Fred's Wildlife Refuge w/performances by The Spider Ferns & DOWNTOWN. Visuals by John Theroux.

6.13.19 Solo Show ++Our Father Who Art In Hell- JAF 6:13 ++  The Factory on Capitol Hill for 2nd Thursday Art Walk (Gay Pride Edition)

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